020 - House Auctions in New Zealand. How Does THAT Work??

This is part two of buying a house in New Zealand with our lovely NZ Community member, Ryan.

In the last episode, I talked with Ryan about the A-Z of buying and selling property down under. It was a superb show!

Fast forward to now and I am excited to announce that Ryan SOLD his house last week - using the auction process. If you are moving to New Zealand and want to get your head around what it is like to buy (or sell) your dream home at auction, then THIS is the show for you!

If you are thinking of coming to NZ (or are already living in New Zealand)  then this show will give you everything single thing you need to know about house auctions in New Zealand.


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Podcast Show Notes

In this week's show, Ryan shares:


  1. How the auction process works in New Zealand
  2. How competitive the entire process is
  3. Whether auctions are the only way to buy your dream home in NZ
  4. Ryans' personal experience of selling a house by auction
  5. Tips for any potential cash buyer



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