018 - Being a Nurse in New Zealand. The Truth From The Wards

If you are a nurse and you are thinking of moving to New Zealand then you are going to love this show.

Today we meet Katie, Maile and Victoria - three very valuable and loved members of the private NZ Ahead community! These fabulous nurses all recently moved to New Zealand.

Victoria (from the UK) works in Wellington and Maile & Katie (both from the USA) work in Dunedin. 


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Being a Nurse in New Zealand. Show Notes

In this week's show, Maile, Victoria and Katie discuss:

  1. General environment - including patient ratios, support staff, the attitude of doctors to nurses, attitudes of families and patients
  2. Different slang/medical terms
  3. Schedules/rosters
  4. Salary, working with unions. Also holidays, hours worked, differential pay
  5. Government-run healthcare - less money to go around than private run, impacts on equipment, charting (still a lot of paper charting), lack of Pyxis, waits for tests if not in the hospital.
  6. Training of nurses and other staff, for example, house officers, registrars, consultants, and PDRP
  7. How accepted are tattoos, piercings, and unnatural hair colours for nurses?
  8. How different is the hiring process? How are the interviews conducted?
  9. Did anyone have a difficult time with the registration process that required you to submit an appeal?
  10. How different are their certifications (e.g. ACLS, BLS, PALS, etc.)?
  11. Since they have universal health care, does that mean that have the same policy and procedures across all public hospitals or is it still unit/hospital-specific? Is there a shared nursing model across all hospitals? I am completely ignorant of the day to day operations of socialized medicine         
  12. What is their leadership structure like for nurses? I'm assuming they have other names for charge nurses, clinical managers, chief nursing officers, etc.
  13. Do they support nursing advancement? Is there tuition reimbursement for post-graduate education?
  14. Is the patient at the centre of the care?
  15. How are inpatient rounds typically conducted? Is nursing involved and other disciplines involved?
  16. Are there social workers and case managers?
  17. Do healthcare workers generally seem happy in NZ?


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