009- Will I Be POOR in New Zealand?

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Show Notes: 

With housing prices rising rapidly no wonder that those thinking of moving to NZ ask: 'will I be poor in New Zealand'.

In this podcast, I am joined by my good friend Ryan.

Ryan is an American who has been living in New Zealand for almost five years and he gives us super insightful savings (that Americans, in particular,) will experience when they come to live in Aotearoa!


Will I Be Poor in New Zealand? Topics Covered:

If you are moving to New Zealand from the USA one of your primary concerns will be money.

How much you can earn and how much you have to spend. In this week's show, we dive into 4 unforeseeable things that will save you a ton of money when moving to NZ from the US, including:

Clothes. Both formal and social.

What people wear to work in New Zealand.

What people wear to restaurants in New Zealand.

Travel in New Zealand.

Holidays that don't happen so much in New Zealand.

Health costs in New Zealand

Health insurance in New Zealand.