012- Behind The Scenes. Why we REALLY Left The UK


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Show Notes:


Last week, when I received an email from a listener from the Middle East. (The fact that we have people listening to us from the middle east blows my mind with excitement but that is a different story). Here is a snippet of what it said:

"One-second thing is the reason why you guys decided to move abroad. I am from the middle east so everybody wants to move away from here. It is really interesting for me to listen to a westerner moving abroad".

After reading this email it suddenly struck me. How one person's ideal country is another person's prison. Maybe prison is a tad harsh but it is late at night when I'm writing this and I can't think of the correct word so let's stick with that.

Why WOULD anyone want to emigrate from the UK? And while we're at it, why would anyone want to leave New Zealand and live in Australia or England? Why on earth would anyone consider leaving beautiful, gorgeous France to live in America? 

But they do. Every single day.